Central Observing National Co-op Month in October

Central Observing National Co-op Month in October

Central Electric Cooperative is joining 30,000 cooperatives nationwide in October to celebrate National Co-op Month, which recognizes the many ways cooperatives are committed to strengthening the local communities they serve. “Co-ops Commit” is the theme for this year’s celebration, spotlighting the countless ways cooperatives meet the needs of their members and communities.

Headquartered in Stillwater, Central serves approximately 20,000 members in seven-central Oklahoma counties with more than 4,000 miles of electrical line.

Rural America is served by a network of about 1,000 electric cooperatives, most of which were formed in the 1930s and 40s to bring electricity to farms and rural communities that large, investor-owned power companies had no interest in serving because of the higher costs involved in serving low-population and low-density areas.

In addition to providing the vital power co-op members depend on, Central is dedicated to improving the quality of life of members and communities. The Community Foundation of Central Electric Cooperative has given away hundreds of thousands of dollars in grants to communities and organizations within our service area. With the funds, schools have been able to upgrade equipment, food pantries have been able to provide more food to the needy, and disaster victims have been able to replace lost items. Central also has various youth programs including the Youth Tour which sends two high school seniors to Washington, D.C. each year. Central safety programs reach hundreds of school children each year and explain the dangers of electricity.

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